This ”Emergency App“ stores the patient’s digital medical records on his/her own mobile devices (Smartphone and iPad)

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Reach all the concerned people with this app

This tomatomedical app can provide all the patient's medical records in one place: the patient's own mobile device.

Advantages for the patient
  • Health & emergency data available worldwide, accessed through the personal mobile device.
  • Patient confidence is improved due to reduction of multiple examinations and prescriptions.
  • Reduction of radiation induced cancer risk.
At the doctors
  • Faster diagnosis and therapy of the present findings.
  • Elimination of wasted doctor patient appointments due to missing information.
  • Reduction of local practice x-ray requirements and associated costs.
Advantages for Health Insurers
  • A reduction of duplicate tests and prescriptions.
  • Fewer unnecessary doctor/patient appointments due to missing medical records.
  • Increased patient confidence resulting in reduced treatment costs.
  • Reducing the length of sickness times through quicker access of data.


Round one Win / Win / Win - practice solution

  • Instant access to all data such as

    Blood group, allergies and intolerances, organ donor card, medical records, x-rays, MRI scans and many more

  • Encrypted with the highest security standard

    All data, whether on the patient’s mobile device or in backend processes, is encrypted to the highest security standard AES-256. The encryption complies with the German banking standard and is used in the USA for state documents of the highest confidentiality.

  • Being active as a patient

    All data is controlled by the owner. He can delete the account at any time. No one else, except the patient, can read, use, upload or share the data on his mobile device.


Ecological and economic sense.

  • Saving paper, energy and handling costs, etc.


  • Reducing the length of sickness times through quicker access of data


  • Faster diagnosis and therapy of the present findings